COFRAC accreditation renewed for SCLE EMC laboratory

SCLE's electromagnetic compatibility laboratory is once again COFRAC accredited according to the ISO 17025 standard.

SCLE’s electromagnetic compatibility laboratory has achieved COFRAC accredition once again in compliance with ISO 17025.

COFRAC is an internationally recognized standard, which guarantees the impartiality, independence and competence of the EMC laboratory. It certifies that results are obtained according to approved methods and procedures in compliance with relevant standards and good practices as well as the compliance of customer tests.

SCLE has been manufacturing equipment for HV substations – which are very disturbed environments – for over 40 years. Very quickly, this kind of environment required validation of product performance with regard to electromagnetic immunity and emissions. This led SCLE to set up a laboratory for electromagnetic compatibility.

Congratulations to all our colleagues at the EMC laboratory for maintaining this accreditation!

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