Railway signaling

Modern, efficient and safe rail networks attract more passengers. Modern railway signaling systems rely on new tools and platforms which combine both hardware and software solutions.

We make your networks safer, more reliable and more durable – hence more attractive to the general public who uses them.

We are also experts at managing the obsolescence of your systems which is all important in an ever evolving regulatory climate.

Digitalization of railway signaling

Meet the BGS, our SIL4-certified hardware and software platform for developing your digital railway safety applications

Signaling must take into account cost, capacity, interoperability and ease of deployment factors while guaranteeing safety and reliability. Digitization and the use of generic equipment are important means for making the renovation or creation of new railway lines viable.

N.S1 signaling equipment

Innovation, operating safety, reliability, sustainability

SCLE draws on 40 year’s experience in railway signaling equipment. Our principal customers are French railway and metro operators SNCF, RATP, as well as Alstom and Hitachi.

Almost all our railway products are approved by SNCF. They all meet operating safety and environmental requirements governing French railway signaling equipment.

BGS & digital applications

Railway signal relays

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Cas clientSNCF Réseau

inspiration signalisation ferroviaire cible SNCF SCLE

The BAL is an automatic railway signaling system designed to ensure adequate spacing between trains running along the same track

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Cas clientBordeaux-Tours high-speed line

inspiration SCLE Gare de bordeaux

The DVL crosswind detector is deployed on the Bordeaux Tours high speed line and allows trains to be slowed down in real time in the event of high winds

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Cas clientAvignon Tramway

Tramway Avignon PMGI BGS SCLE

The PMGI, an innovative and agile signaling system on the first tramway line in Avignon

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contrôle du RRV système de récupération de l'énergie de freinage des métros/trams SCLE Toulouse 01

Power electronics

More and more electrical sources and uses are being converted to direct current, making energy conversion an increasingly important part of our power grids.

inspiration transport ferré SCLE 02

Electric traction power supply

Two of the principal challenges facing future rail transport are network performance and energy consumption.

inspiration transport urbain SCLE 03

Digital innovation

Digital innovation at the service of rail network efficiency


Our products

Our ranges of products and solutions adapted to electrical networks & rail transport networks.

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