Electric traction power supply

Two of the principal challenges facing future rail transport are network performance and energy consumption.

We provide customers with expertise in digital control systems for high voltage (HV) substations, railway engineering and power electronics-expertise of choice at the service of a carbon-free transport systems.


SCLE high-technology command-control system of IFTE

SCLE puts its command-control expertise acquired in high-voltage substations at the service of SNCF. In Toulouse, we design equipment and systems to ensure IFTE command-control (Fixed installations of electric traction). Our cutting-edge automatons are compatible with the current generation.

CCNR conception
Shelter delivery

Specific integrations

40-year experience in railway energy

SCLE has a wealth of expertise in energy integration ; with more than 40 years of experience, we have a design office, various electrical workshops, experienced business managers and work site teams for this type of service.

We offer 100 % turnkey and tailor-made solutions for the customer.

Energy conversion for transport sector

Power electronics solutions to optimize energy consumption

Power electronics and energy conversion have been mastered by SCLE engineering for 20 years, through various achievements.

SCLE nurtures cutting-edge power electronics and energy conversion expertises. We offer this rare know-how to our customers to design, build and implement complex equipment and systems using high-voltage levels.

To complete your projects in the best safety, period and success conditions, we have a unique 1000 sq.m. power test platfom, divided in 4 modular test zones, supplied with 20,000 V and able to generate to 3MW.

Wiring of a braking energy recovery system for tubes and trams

Control system for traction power station

Shelters and substations

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Railway signaling

Modern, efficient and safe rail networks attract more passengers. Modern railway signaling systems rely on new tools and platforms which combine both hardware and software solutions.


Power electronics

Guaranteeing frequency and voltage stability for end users is a key challenge for electrical grid operators.


Digital innovation

Digital innovation at the service of rail network efficiency

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Our ranges of products and solutions adapted to electrical networks & rail transport networks.

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