Electric traction power supply

Two of the principal challenges facing future rail transport are network performance and energy consumption.

We provide customers with expertise in digital control systems for high voltage (HV) substations, as well as railway engineering and power electronics-expertise which foster carbon-free transport systems.


SCLE high-performance command-control systems

SCLE has been putting its HV substation command-control expertise at the service of French railway operator, SNCF, for 40 years.

We design IFTE (Electric traction fixed installations) command-control equipment and systems at our facilities in Toulouse.

Our cutting-edge automated production lines are compatible with latest generation systems.

CCNR conception
Shelter delivery

Turnkey & customized solutions

40-years’ experience in railway energy

With over 40 years’ experience, SCLE has a wealth of expertise in energy integration.

Our design office, production teams, experienced business managers and site integration teams provide 100 % turnkey and tailor-made solutions for customers.

Energy conversion for the transport sector

Power electronics solutions to optimize energy consumption

SCLE has been pioneering power electronics and energy conversion for 20 years, offering cutting-edge solutions.

This unparalleled expertise enables us to design, build and commission complex, customized high-voltage equipment and systems for our customers.

Our facilities enable us to complete your projects, in the requested timeframe and under optimum safety conditions

They include a unique 1,000 m² power test platfom, divided into 4 modular test zones, powered with 20,000 V and able to generate up to 3MW.

Wiring of a braking energy recovery system for underground and tramways

Control system for traction power station

Shelters and substations

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Railway signaling

Modern, efficient and safe rail networks attract more passengers. Modern railway signaling systems rely on new tools and platforms which combine both hardware and software solutions.

contrôle du RRV système de récupération de l'énergie de freinage des métros/trams SCLE Toulouse 02

Power electronics

More and more electrical sources and uses are being converted to direct current, making energy conversion an increasingly important part of our power grids.

inspiration transport urbain SCLE 03

Digital innovation

Digital innovation at the service of rail network efficiency


Our products

Our ranges of products and solutions adapted to electrical networks & rail transport networks.

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