High voltage substation control and automation

SCLE provides expertise, design and integration of protection, command-control and power electronics equipment, combining hardware and software, all manufactured by us in France.

Secure grids need to rely on robust systems and equipment. We innovate to guarantee you interoperable, scalable and cyber-proven equipment.

A sustainable solution to match the specific requirements of your transformer station

SCLE SFE offers a full range of digital control systems for HV/MV transformer substations.

All our control system panels are based on a common hardware architecture. We control all upstream production phases (study, wiring, etc.) guaranteeing that the solution we deliver matches the specific requirements of your transformer station.

This means you a receive sustainable, tailored solution, with an optimised cost of ownership.

Substation PLC and calculators

PCCN range

Price transmission

Time synchronization, printers, modem

Specific integrations

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Protection relays

ARKENS, electrical grid flexibility at the heart of the energy transition


Power electronics

Guaranteeing frequency and voltage stability for end users is a key challenge for electrical grid operators.


Measuring equipment

Assessment and diagnosis of electrical grid performance

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Our ranges of products and solutions adapted to electrical networks & rail transport networks.

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