Who Are We?

SCLE is a high-tech company specialized in IT and electronics for Energy and Rail.

A human, technical and technological adventure over 50 years

Our company has its roots in energy—what better source of inspiration to reinvent ourselves? 

Since its inception, our business has branched out from electrical networks to rail networks, with catenaries providing the obvious linchpin between the two.

Moving forward, reinventing ourselves, breaking new ground—one step at a time—takes time. Innovation takes time. Luckily, we have it.

At SCLE, sustainability is key; reliability a mindset.

That means we’re here to last in terms of:

• The products we deliver

• The people who work for us

• The relationships we forge with our partner-customers

We can see far into the future, allowing us to take the time to do the job well and to build relationships with customers on solid foundations

Highly qualified in electrical energy and rail transport

SCLE is a high-tech company specialized in IT and electronics for energy and rail.

We build electronic and computer equipment for high voltage (HV) and rail substations to serve national and international customers working in the fields of electricity and rail transport. 

Unique and integrated End-to-End Offer

SCLE employs 320 men and women, based at our sites in Toulouse and Marseille. Both sites provide access to the full spectrum of technical expertise required to implement the broad range of unique products and services we offer our customers. 

Our end-to-end solutions and services guarantee long-term customer support and a strong commitment to providing robust, high-quality and sustainable products.

Full and optimized life-cycle support

At SCLE our value proposition is to design, manufacture, install and maintain our products throughout their life cycle. 

Our turnkey solutions designed alongside customers and produced in our workshops by our technicians and engineers are open-ended, enabling them to be upgraded after installation to meet future technological and/or functional developments. 

Our products meet current specifications and future requirements. They are interoperable and open-ended, therefore sustainable.

The End-to-End
at the end !

software, hardware and algorithms
HV expertise
Eletronic and electro-technical production
FAT and training
Works and commissioning
MOC and after-sale service

SCLE is created in Toulouse …

While the SNCF celebrated its 31 birthday, André Coudé du Foresto created SCLE to renovate and modernize the rail network in the  French South-West.

… and ERJI Agence in Marseille

Jean Robert founded ERJI the same year. The first products marketed were underwater exploration cameras going to a depth of -6,000 m!


Manufacture and integration of classic substation chassis

With the boom of telecoms, the need for relay racks is felt and the opportunity for SCLE to manufacture and integrate classic substation racks.


Design of the first SCLE product: the RH

With the boom in electronics, Jean-François Revel put equipment in tune by creating the RH.


Acquisition of ERJI

ERJI joins SCLE to advance in the growing sectors of energy and rail


Start of the PCCN offer

The IT revolution is underway, workstations are going digital: SCLE designs the first PCCN equipment on the market.


ARKENS range

Perform actions on the electrical network remotely at your fingertips? it is now possible for operators, with the development of the ARKENS range.


BGS SIL4 Certified

SCLE stands out in the digitalization of railway signaling at European level, thanks to the achievement of the highest level of security for the development of its BGS.


RTE Ringo Project in Ventavon

Ringo places renewable energies at the heart of grid flexibility!

SCLE Milestones

SNCF creation

Creation and modernization, renovation of the railway network


Telecom boom

The development of telecoms initiates the economic transformation of the 1980s in the world


Electronics boom

Electronics is developing in industry and in particular energy and railways, which find ingenious applications for it.


Command-control digitalization

The first partially distributed command-control systems in electrical substations were deployed in France from the early 2000s


Digital substation

From the merger of the electrical and computer network emerges a new generation of connected and digitalized transformer stations


Digital signaling

Railway signaling is also beginning its digital revolution, driven by the advent of ERTMS in Europe


The turning point of the energy transition

Energy storage and new nuclear technologies are the key to the energy transition, to counter the intermittency of renewable energies and offer the expected flexibility to the existing network.

320Employees50% working in R&D / Engineering
53millions €2021 turnover
2locationsin Toulouse and Marseille
800electrotechnical cabinetsproduced per year
2,400 command-control calculatorsper year
35 traineeswelcomed in 2020
96 %of people pride of workingfor SCLE in 2020
9 %work-study contrat ratein 2021
2music bands1 in Marseille, 1 in Toulouse
6hiveson Marseille agency roof
1company annual seminargathering all our staff
45types of green plantsin our welcoming atrium
30supported associationsas part of the annual sponsorship
140board gamesavailable at our toy library
26blood donationsby our employees
I like the practical and concrete side of SCLE’s professions, which affect daily life. Energy is useful to everyone.
Software engineer

Cas clientStorengy

Protection control system revamping of the 63kV substation

See the customer case

Cas clientSNCF Réseau

The BAL is an automatic railway signaling system designed to ensure adequate spacing between trains running along the same track

See the customer case

Cas clientBordeaux-Tours high-speed line

The DVL crosswind detector is deployed on the Bordeaux Tours high speed line and allows trains to be slowed down in real time in the event of high winds

See the customer case

Cas clientAvignon Tramway

The PMGI, an innovative and agile signaling system on the first tramway line in Avignon

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