Getting the jobdone

Our people have been breaking ground and reinventing SCLE for over 50 years.

Energy presents major challenges—for us as citizens and for our business.
The women and men at SCLE are busy working to find future solutions for today’s problems.
Why not join them?

Vue de la SCLE avec un drône au dessus des collègues qui forment les lettres SCLE

The right people – in the right jobs – happy working together

A company is a mini world. Our mini world is focused on:

  • A more worthy future for energy and transport
  • Innovative high-tech solutions
  • Men and women working on stimulating projects

Are you inspired by a future in the making?

SCLE gives its employees in Toulouse and Marseille the opportunity to express their talents in a company of just 320 people built on a human scale.
Here ‘Human resources’ are the reflection of our human values. We sincerely believe a company will only thrive if each person is in her-his right place and if the work they do each day is a source of fulfillment.

Annual corporate seminar

The keys to SCLE’s success

Trust, respect for each individual, an aptitude to think outside the box, job fulfillement and a desire to take on new challenges are the keys to our success – and the shared values on which SCLE is founded.

We firmly believe that only happy employees can give their best.

Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is demonstrated by a tangibly positive work environment. Our employees have fulfilling careers with us. They tend to stay for the long term, for the pleasure of a job well done.

Economic performance, respect for people and for our environment go hand-in-hand.

The means to work well

Our ambitions match our employees’ ambitions!
First and foremost, we foster team spirit. We strongly believe in supporting newcomers, pooling ideas and favoring collective rather than individual intelligence.

The products and services we provide are driven by innovation. They pass through our R&D centers to emerge in the form of tailor-made, turnkey solutions for energy and rail.

Working with academic institutions such as the National Center for Scientific Research, French Universities and higher education institutes provides added value to our projects.

Our 150 engineers are hard at work, why not join them?

Stimulating projects seeking young graduates as well as passionate seniors!

Our world is constantly undergoing profound changes, impacting the environment, modes of transport, energy sources and the way we work—and prompting existential questions about how we live.

The women and men of SCLE are working hard to imagine new solutions and build new products for energy and rail which are less energy-greedy and more environment-friendly.

At SCLE we believe rail can transport us to a brighter, greener future!

Feeling inspired? Hop onboard!

Are we a good fit?

Our engineers and technicians get a buzz out of IT, electronics, networks, cyber security and the Internet of Things (IoT) for energy and rail.

If these are things you get excited about too, then maybe we’re a good fit—particularly if you enjoy working in a team!

ENSEEIHT students visiting SCLE

Our relationships with customers and employees are genuine and sustainable

Our relatively small company fosters proximity, whereas our membership of the Equans Group, a part of Bouygues group, offers you great prospects—Equans is a world leader in multi-technical energy services employing 94,000 people in 22 countries.

Do you have ambitious projects? Let’s work on them together!

You have talent ?

Come develop it with us!

Our certifications

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