Protection relays

ARKENS, electrical grid flexibility at the heart of the energy transition

ARKENS PR, high-performance, multipurpose, scalable protection relay

SCLE offers an innovative digital control solution to meet the flexibility needs of RTE networks:

  • Providing protection for power transformers, HV and EHV lines so as to guarantee the safety of electrical installations
  • Supervising and controlling transformer substation installations and utilities so as to be able to act in real time to match operating requirements
  • Performing a large number of diagnostic and reconfiguration operations remotely thanks to advanced remote maintenance functions


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High voltage substation control and automation

SCLE provides expertise, design and integration of protection, command-control and power electronics equipment, combining hardware and software, all manufactured by us in France.


Power electronics

Guaranteeing frequency and voltage stability for end users is a key challenge for electrical grid operators.


Measuring equipment

Assessment and diagnosis of electrical grid performance

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Our ranges of products and solutions adapted to electrical networks & rail transport networks.

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