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Committed to the energy transition

A commitment set down in detail in our Sustainable Development Report

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We are fully engaged in the third industrial revolution

The world is undergoing major changes impacting production, our relationship to work and energy management. We are supporting these changes.

Since 2006, we have been implementing the EFQM model which fosters sustainable and balanced performance. Adopted by many European businesses, this model targets continuous improvement—with the pooling of good managerial and environmental practices a key challenge.

Our action in this area is exemplary and recognized by our peers.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy, resulting from the EFQM model, covers very concrete measures taken with regard to social, environmental and economic matters (in compliance with ISO 26000).

Key CSR initiatives 

We have a clear vision and tangible commitments:

  • We produce and use clean energy
  • We manufacture in France promoting proximity and sustainability
  • We recycle electronic waste, paper and cardboard
  • We offer apprenticeship and internship opportunities
  • We sponsor outreach programs, associations and charities.

Striving for excellence through continuous improvement

We are able to reinvent ourselves and drive our business forward by harnessing the collective energy of our people. 

We make headway because our management structure is horizontal rather than vertical, and because we believe that everyone has a role to play. 

The working groups we organize on a variety of subjects are highly productive and we act on the decisions we make.

Reaping the rewards of our commitments

We are very proud of the awards we have received for our commitment to the environment, to the women and men who make up SCLE, and to sustainable and entrepreneurial performance. 

Our company is committed to an authentic approach to sustainable development. Beyond the economic dimension of the company, it is a question of giving meaning to our actions and cultivating the example. Offering our customers products and services that will prove to be more economical over time, enables our employees to have fulfilling careers without fearing for their jobs in the future; to minimize our carbon footprint; work alongside the local community, etc. All these issues are fundamental for us. These aren’t just good intentions. We do what we say: our efforts and our results are there, and we are happy to share them with you.
Jean-François Revel, SCLE CEO
SCLE has invested in 2 electric cars and nearly twenty employees charge their EVs for free at the workplace!
SCLE provides a large bike shelter for athletes!
The company offers employees the opportunity to practice sports or leisure activities on site during their lunch break…
We have been covering 98% of the energy requirements of the Athéna building, SCLE R&D center, since summer 2019, thanks to a 48kWp solar power plant installed on the roof and subsidized by the Occitanie Region. This is possible thanks to the BattGrid energy storage on our site!
Longevity and reliability of products over time: more than 40 years in railway signaling products and 20 years in energy
SCLE joins forces with cutting-edge industrial partners and local players in Research and Education.
Zero pesticides used for the maintenance of our premises.
Thanks to the 3D printer, we manufacture consumables used in production. We thus limit purchases, transport, storage and waste!
RoHS aims to limit the use of dangerous substances. Our suppliers follow the No Clean process: they use alloys the fluxes of which facilitate brazing and do not require cleaning.
The 6 hives installed on the roof of our Marseille agency produce 250 kg of honey each year!
Our eco-design efforts on our electrical cabinets over 5 years have enabled us to achieve significant reductions in raw materials: -3.4 tons of cardboard and -18 tons of steel!

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