DVL – SIL2 crosswind detector

SIL 2 certified railway signalling system

With a view to an optimal safety objective, it is essential to monitor the wind in order to control the train speed on high-speed railway lines. The crosswind detection system complies with this safety requirement.

système DVL SCLE BGS SIL 2
DVL ligne LGV SEA BGS poste électrique SCLE
DVL ligne LGV SEA BGS poste électrique SCLE


DVL is made of 3 sub-systems with defined functions:

  • SSSM: Measuring station Sub-system
  • SSPT: Data processing station Sub-system
  • UCMT: Maintenance and telemonitoring central unit


  • A SIL 2 certified product by CERTIFER (security level) according to the following standards:
    • NF EN 50126, 01/2000
    • NF EN 50128, 10/2011
    • NF EN 50129, 05/2003
  • Real-time feedback
  • Availability redundancy of critical components
  • Ultrasonic static anemometers without preventive maintenance
  • Easier maintenance


  • 2016 – SNCF: SEA high-speed railway line, 19 DVL developed
  • 2017 – ONCF: Tanger / Kenitra high-speed railway line, 3 DVL developed

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