Level crossing blocks

Railway signaling equipment associated to the functioning of level crossings

The operation of a level crossing depends on a set of equipment which allows, in complete safety, the detection of the approach of a train, the warning of motorists (bell + flashing lights) and the barrier control.

KLPN SNCF Agence Marseille
KLPN SNCF Agence Marseille



  • Detection of one or more faulty diode modules
  • Control of the on and off times of the diode modules
  • Indication of total extinction or steady lighting of the lights


  • Number of lights to monitor configurable from 2 to 12 lights
  • Automatic self-test, indication by indicator lights of the status of the KLPN MD and the sensors
  • With an IP 31 protection index, it can be installed in a harsh environment such as a sentry box
  • Small mechanical footprint, mounted on DIN rail
  • Robust, this device is highly reliable and available (MTBF > 600,000 hours)
  • Maintenance-free, average device replacement time on site less than 10 min
  • SIL2 safety level


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