PMGI – SIL4 Distributed Interlocking System

Decentralized interlocking system linked to switch operation

PMGI  is an innovative signaling system guaranteeing the highest Safety Integrity Level (SIL4), designed for urban transport solutions.
PMGI is an integrated solution for train interlocking and control.

RAIL-MAP key functionality is to allow a distributed signaling provided by a safe cluster of two types of dedicated equipment :

  • Switch movement control and supervision
  • Signal lighting control and supervision
  • Each equipment consists of a generic hardware with a dedicated firmware: Signal Control & Supervision, Switch Control & Supervision
  • RAIL-MAP can either be expanded alongside the track, or rack mounted in a technical room
  • The system is designed for use on either existing or new metro or tram lines
BGS PMGI sur le tramway d'Avignon
PMGI Avignon SIL 4
Mise en service du BGS PMGI sur le tramway d'Avignon
PMGI Avignon BGS



  • Route interlocking
  • Switches Control & Supervision
  • Interlocking cancelation
  • Automatic and manual route release (Origin or Destination)
  • Signal color display management
  • Route locking
  • Crossover locking in a position
  • Remote Supervision Interface


  • Safety Integrated Level SIL4
  • Decentralized and modular system
  • Simple and fast installation : only 2
    types of equipment easy to install
    and replace
  • Compatibility with existing equipment
    (track circuits, pedal, etc.)
  • Cabling reduction : ability to be installed
    alongside the track
  • Space saving
  • Interoperability : low interfaces and
    ease to use
  • Minimal configuration and simplified
  • Generic system, Adaptable to a large
    number of track plans


  • Avignon Tramway in collaboration with INEO UTS

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