Our expertise

A 25 year experience

Services for CE marking

The compliance to electromagnetic compatibility standards is a fundamental stage before marketing the electric and electrotechnical
product or system.

Based on its EMC experience of more than 15 years, our laboratory offers its expertise and means to optimise your
products and provide tailor-made solutions.

  • Upstream support in equipment or solution design (in compliance with EMC rules)
  • Support to find solutions
  • Pre-qualification tests / investigation in order to optimise a product
  • Specific tests
  • Technical assistance during meetings with your partners (suppliers, clients, etc.)

Expertises on customer site

We offer investigations and expertises on your site in order to guide you in the analysis and resolution of your product / installation

One of the key points to guarantee a proper functioning of an installation is the quality of earthing system. Our audits can integrate,
among others, ground circuit measures without production stoppage, even with strong stray and /or harmonic currents.

ITER program qualification tests

The SCLE EMC Laboratory has been selected to verify the compliance of equipment with the specific requirements of the ITER program.

SCLE SFE EMC Laboratory carries out static magnetic fields test according to the ITER 98JL4W specification: the piece of equipment must keep operating normally when subject to specific magnetic field levels.

The EMC lab has develop its own test facilities, including a custom-made coil generating fields up to 265 mT.

Other sectors

  • Electrical safety tests: insulation resistance measure, dielectric rigidity, surge voltage resistance, etc.
  • Environmental tests: temperature changes, robustness tests, moist heat, etc.
  • Specific tests: on request

Our certifications

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