Time synchronisation RH 2002

RH2002, RH Advance, GPS Kit, NTP modules

Leader en synchronisation horaire depuis plus de 20 ans, nous concevons des produits qui se distinguent par leur fiabilité et leurs nombreux protocoles de synchronisation.


RH synchronisation horaire poste source SCLE
RH synchronisation horaire poste source SCLE
GPS RH synchronisation horaire poste source SCLE


Historical product of SCLE SFE, the RH2002 time server is a modular equipment, able to be synchronised on France Inter and GPS, and able to receive up to 5 units of synchronisation signals diffusion.

The GPS kit consists of a receiving module that fits into the RH 2002 FI and an external receiving antenna.



To meet new synchronization needs according to the NTP protocol, 2 new modules are now available:

  • An SNTP Server module, which allows the synchronization of equipment by SNTP
  • An NTP Client module, which is installed instead of the FI module and allows the RH2002 to be synchronized by NTP


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