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Engineering & expertise

Engineering is a driving force at SCLE —50% of us are engineers. R&D is in our DNA. Our expertise in command-control, high voltage systems, electrical engineering, power electronics, etc., allows us to offer innovative and tailor-made solutions, backed by full…


Manufacturing & Integration

We manufacture the products and solutions that we design—based on your specifications. Our fully comprehensives solutions evolve constantly to meet certification requirements and changes in European standards. Our production units in Toulouse and Marseille deliver excellence. Find out more about…


On-site Commissioning & Operation

We provide on-site commissioning services for our systems and products. Before commissioning, we perform test campaigns in situ and at our technical centers. We conduct all grid-connection work and provide maintenance services whenever you need them. We are here to…


Technical Support Package

Products evolve because electrical distribution networks change, integrating a new energy mix or switching to remote-control digital technologies, for example. We guarantee the upgradability and scalability of our solutions. We help you manage the obsolescence of your facilities. We have…

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