Electronics production

In-house mastery of the electronic production process

SCLE has been designing and manufacturing electronic
equipment for the French energy and rail sectors for 40 years.

10 people work in our electronic production workshop in Toulouse.

Our technicians are responsible assembling and verifying computer equipment and protection systems as well handling relations with our electronic card subcontractors.

The workshop premises are fully equipped to protect against the risk of electrostatic discharge.

Building on its historice expertise, our Marseille facility manufactures components such as transformers. The electronic cards are welded, wired and checked, and equipment is integrated, tested, tropicalized and debugged at the agency:

  • The production workshop in Marseille employs 20 people, all trained to IPC-A610, IPC-A620, IPC-7711 and IPC-7721 standards
  • GD Electronics: all operators have a touch screen to display manufacturing procedures that are digitalized. The aim is to move towards a “paperless” workplace and to use only the latest versions of the procedures (obsolescent versions are no longer accessible to operators).
  • 2 ovens
  • 1 climatic chamber
  • Selective wave machine
  • Automatic test benches
  • 3 winding machines
  • 1 mechanical workshop (milling machine, column drill, etc.)
  • Various production tools (soldering irons, smoke extractors, manufacturing jigs, etc.)
  • 1 varnishing booth

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