Battery container

Batt’NR™ is a battery container storing the energy coming from renewable energy power plants. It protects the battery from difficult weather conditions and thus maximises their lifespan.
SCLE manages the overall system, from mechanical integration of units and other elements, to cooldown, including safety.

A battery container includes:

  • Battery modules
  • A complete battery management system
  • A disconnector cabinet and DC protection
  • A fire panel (detection/extinguishment)*
Contanier BattNR BattGrid système de stockage d'énergie plateforme d'essais de puissance zeus SCLE toulouse


  • Maximum voltage: 900V
  • Voltage range: 630V – 9000V
  • Nominal voltage: 870V
  • Minimum voltage: 630V
  • Capacity: up to 1,467 kWh


  • Modularity : integration of battery from various technologies and suppliers
  • Easy to install and maintain : standard 20-foot container
  • Withstanding : designed to withstand severe weather conditions like tropical climates


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