AC-DC controlled rectifier

25,000 Vac > 1,500 Vdc or 750 Vdc

Our power electronics skills for SNCF maintenance centres

The controlled rectifier allows to generate different continuous current voltage levels from the catenary alternative current.

Doing so, it enables maintenance centres to simulate different continuous current phases and then test trains and trams in all the possible voltage configurations.

The AC / DC controlled rectifier can transform a 25,000 V single phase alternating current into a 1,500 V or 750 V regulated DC voltage. It can be integrated into a shelter or an existing building.

Plateforme d'essais de puissance zeus pont mixte SCLE
Plateforme d'essais de puissance zeus pont mixte SCLE


The service can include: converter studies, factory integration, trial conditions on the SCLE SFE power test platform, tests, FAT, delivery, installation, assistance on commissioning, training.


  • A single-phase transformer
  • A mixed single-phase rectifier frame equipped with thyristors, diodes, RC modules, fuses, control cards,
  • Current measurement
  • A frame equipped with self and crowbar
  • A frame equipped with condensators, bleeder, free-wheeling diode,voltage measurement
  • A control rack equipped with control and power supply cards


  • Ensures the proper functioning of trains and trams in all possible voltage configurations
  • Optimises existing electrical installations
  • Very reliable equipment: 0 failure since 2003
  • Real FAT power tests at SCLE SFE facilities


  • Nantes, Nevers, Rennes: 25 kVac / 1500 Vdc controlled rectifier, 1.2 MW power
  • Noisy: 25 kVac / 750 Vdc controlled rectifier, 750 kW power

9-month implementation deadline

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