Selective voltmeter RDS+

Testing and adjustment of TCFM shunt circuits

The RDS+ 1912 is a portable selective voltmeter to control and adjust all types of TCFM shunts.
It measures three-phase electrical quantities (voltage, current, phase shift) at mains frequency (50 Hz) and from 160 to 200 Hz.
Its simple and secure operation allows to check thanks to its screen integrated: tuning and compensation of TCFM shunts, Fresnel diagram, harmonics of rank 3 and 5 at mains frequency (50Hz).



  • Validation of the connection of the installation thanks to the visualization of the Fresnel Diagram at 50 Hz
  • TCFM shunt tuning control by measuring voltages and currents per phase at 50 Hz
  • Verification of the TCFM shunt compensation by measuring the voltages and currents per phase between 160 and 200 Hz
  • Measurement of the fundamental and harmonics of rank 3 and 5 (voltage and current) at 50 Hz
  • Multifibre current clamps to improve measuring accuracy


  • Increased safety through one-time connection
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Vector visualization of the tensions
  • TCFM shunts control and adjustment in a single operation
  • Easy transport thanks to its suitcase with integrated storage


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