ISO 50001 energy management software SMARTEO VISION

Energy management Web application

Smarteo Vision collects and formats your consumption data to make them accessible to everyone.
Available on any web browser, Smarteo Vision allows a real, simple and effective energy monitoring.
Supervise, alert, communicate: Smarteo Vision is versatile, intuitive and ergonomic.

Test indicators and dashboards creation on the Smart’eo Vision demo website:

Site démo

Smarteo SCLE
Smarteo SCLE
Smarteo SCLE
Smarteo SCLE
Smarteo SCLE
Smarteo SCLE


  • Collect essential energy and economy data
  • Supervise performance indicators via simple and ergonomical dashboards
  • Compare different buildings/sites from a single application
  • Receive alerts in case of over-consumption
  • Work on the most relevant action levers to reduce energy and environment costs
  • Customise available data according to stakeholders
  • Share the information with stakeholders to involve them in the approach


  • Simple and ergonomical interface
  • Intuitive dashboards and relevant indicators
  • Multi-site/multi-user web access
  • Open and scalable system
  • Autodetection of new measuring points
  • Automatic generation of energy reports


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