Work trains rear base control

Rear base route control and lane occupancy

IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) solution to visualize in real time the occupancy of the rear base lanes and check the routes drawn.

This solution provided to SNCF Réseau agents helps them apply their professional gestures during shunting operations.

SCLE has developed and tested several visualization interfaces allowing each user to have access to information useful to their needs.

ROL Suites rapides innovation digitale


  • The Digital Optical Control Panel (TCO) in the form of a Web application that can be consulted on a digital tablet allows the agent present at the maneuvering post to follow the creation of a route and to check the release of the free parking areas.
  • The Connected Origin Indicator Panel (TIP) is a display positioned at the edge of the tracks indicating the number of the track traced to the train driver.
  • The TIP Watch is a connected watch allowing to display the number of the track traced for the agents performing the maneuvers on the job.


These tools thus make it possible to avoid incidents that could be caused by errors in the layout of routes, the non-freeing of free parking areas, or incorrect application of needles.


  • SNCF Réseau

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