RTM accepts our trailer solution for the maintenance of the Marseille metro!

Spotlight on this project which has been finalized after one year in the making...

On Wednesday, November 16, 2022, our DAM CV system (Device for the Analysis and Measurement of Track Circuits) was approved by client RTM for the maintenance of the Marseille metro system.

RTM tested and approved the correct functioning of our entire system which comprises an integrated trailer unit pulled by a motorcar.

This project is the culmination of a one-year development which has included installing a test platform on our Marseille premises featuring:

• A 6-meter section of railway track (comprising 2 blocks)
• Developing track simulation test equipment

The equipment has been designed for two main purposes:

• Measuring track circuit shunt limits
• Cleaning joints

The system is controlled from the motorcar cabin using a touch screen application, the human-machine interface (HMI) of which has also been developed by our R&D teams. The operator positions the trailer above the joint to be tested using on-board cameras and activates the measuring and cleaning device via the HMI.

Up until now, these functions were performed manually.

How it works ?

Each block is fed by a track circuit that is only interrupted when the train axles pass over it. The disappearance of the signal indicates the presence of the train in the block and acts as a safety warning sign. The signal passes through the N.S1 relays to the traffic lights.

Our device allows for the maintenance of these track circuits – the integrity of which is essential for the reliability and availability of the Marseille metro.

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