Electrical grid engineering, protection relay selectivity studies

Modeling of electrical grids and electro-technical study services

Engineering and high-voltage expertise

Based on our high-voltage expertise, we conduct preliminary surveys and draw up detailled bills of specification for upgrading your systems and rendering them more reliable.

Using powerful calculation tools to conceptualize electrical grids, we are able to conduct various electrotechnical studies:

Electrotechnical studies:

  • Short-circuit studies in compliance with CEI 60909
  • Protection relay selectivity studies
  • Study of power flow and voltage plan
  • Dynamic stability studies: short circuit, load impact, source changeover
  • Charting [U;Q] and RTE protectability studies for connection of electricity generators
  • Formulation of regulation strategies in P and Q for electricity storage systems
  • Harmonic pollution studies


  • CEI 60909
  • NFC 13-200


  • SKM PTW 32
  • EMTP
  • PSIM
  • DIgSILENT Power Factory


  • MASE Sud-Ouest
  • EFQM
  • AFAQ 9001

Other related services

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High Voltage expertise

Electricity is now part of everyday life. If poorly controlled, it can trigger numerous incidents or accidents.

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Protection and control engineering

Design of technical and software solutions to meet customer needs and constraints

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EMC Compliance

SCLE has its own Electromagnetic Compatibility laboratory accredited COFRAC, ISO 17025 standard

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Power tests

An energy conversion platform, real energy efficiency laboratory

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Hardware and software design

Let's build your equipment and software together

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Electronic redesign and obsolescence management

Maximize the lifespan and performance of your electronic products


Our products

Our ranges of products and solutions adapted to electrical networks & rail transport networks.

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