High Voltage expertise

Electricity is now part of everyday life. If poorly controlled, it can trigger numerous incidents or accidents.

Maintain the electrical safety of the industrial site and guarantee its energy supply

Electricity is now part of everyday life. If poorly controlled, it can trigger numerous incidents or accidents. Sometimes the distribution network has
evolved and equipment is simply not suited to new uses. Also, high-voltage facilities sometimes reach a critical level of obsolescence, jeopardizing
the safety of operators and equipment.

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Sharing our experience in the field of high voltage and our knowledge of standards and the whole range of facility equipment is your key to success.

After carrying out an in-depth site analysis, our expertise will identify:

  • Differences in implementation with regards to directives and benchmark standards
  • Equipment obsolescence
  • Capacity to record and analyse incidents
  • Documentary management quality
  • Maintenance operations frequency
  • Prioritizing actions

Our aim is to ensure optimum service continuity and guarantee site safety.

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