After sales service

All year round, telephone assistance and a dedicated After-Sales Service

Equipment troubleshooting is carried out internally by technicians equipped with test benches and measuring equipment

Equipment returned to after-sales service is tracked using dedicated software.
SCLE offers year-round telephone assistance and a dedicated after-sales service.
The Technical Support team provides technical assistance to its customers in their interventions.

Equipment troubleshooting is done internally by dedicated technicians, equipped with test benches and measuring resources.

SCLE is able to offer all the technical assistance services necessary for the guarantee of its products.
The high technicality of the systems requires that the developers and project managers be closely involved in their maintenance to guarantee the reliability of the products throughout their life

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Benoît Renhas

+33 5 61 61 74 76 rf.elcs@sahner.tioneb

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A team of versatile seasoned experts on the phone



Maintenance in operational conditions, a contract that commits us to the sustainability of our products and our services

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