Power electronics

Guaranteeing frequency and voltage stability for end users is a key challenge for electrical grid operators.

If you are looking to optimize your energy grid and to deliver energy to customers as and when they need it most, SCLE can work alongside you to find innovative solutions. We can even build high-performance prototypes for energy conversion and storage on site with you.

Balancing the grid

Operational system services based on power electronics

Guaranteeing frequency and voltage stability for end users is a key challenge for electrical grid operators. The development of renewable, variable and intermittent energies, and the evolution of our transport habits (development of rail transport, electric vehicles, etc.) have a strong impact on the current and future electricity network.

With 30 years’ expertise in power electronics and their integration, SCLE offers grid system operators a full range of service solutions. These solutions are based on energy conversion and battery storage systems and managed through an intelligent supervision software.

Renewable energy storage

Optimize renewable energy production and facilitate its integration into the grid

BattGrid is a comprehensive energy management system (EMS). Designed by SCLE, it enables the smooth integration of renewable energies into the grid.

This modular solution comprises batteries, power converters and an EMS.

BattGrid allows for:

  • Smooth variable and intermittent production
  • Enhanced grid stability
  • Optimized energy production

Energy conversion

Energy storage

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ARKENS PR relais de protection réseau électrique R&D SCLE 01

Protection relays

ARKENS, electrical grid flexibility at the heart of the energy transition

inspiration poste de transformation SCLE 02

High voltage substation control and automation

SCLE provides expertise, design and integration of protection, command-control and power electronics equipment, combining hardware and software, all manufactured by us in France.

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Measuring equipment

Assessment and diagnosis of electrical grid performance


Our products

Our ranges of products and solutions adapted to electrical networks & rail transport networks.

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