Static sector quality recorder ESQS+

Control the quality of the low-voltage grid

The New Generation static sector quality recorder ESQS+ is a measurement and recording device for Class A electrical quantities. It can be used on single-phase and three-phase (star) networks to monitor the quality of the low-voltage electricity network and its compliance with the standard EN 50160.

Its simple use does not require any setting or action; it starts automatically once connected to the network. Data is saved on removable storage media (USB) for easy data recovery.

ESQS+SCLE logiciel Aquarel+



  • The ESQS+ is an ultra-portable device that comes in an ergonomic and sturdy
    casing. It has voltage (4) and current (3) connections and is designed to be installed
    downstream of billing meters
  • No setting up: the device starts automatically at power-up and records all the
    electrical quantities necessary for the validation of the conformity to the different
    rates. A system of warning lights indicates the operating status
  • The ESQS+ records the measurements on a removable medium. They can then be
    downloaded to a PC via USB to be processed with the Aquarel+ software
  • The Aquarel+ software allows the evaluation and analysis of the recorded quantities in
    the form of graphs and tables. It automatically delivers a conformity report according
    to the chosen standard (by default EN 50160)


  • Ultra-portable device
  • Shockproof shell
  • Easy to use (no configuration)
  • Automatic start of measurement recording
  • Generation of EN 50160 compliance reports


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